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Nursery Decorating Ideas

nursery decorating ideas

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Nursery from the doorway

Nursery from the doorway

We got the nursery mostly done way back when Helen was three months old. There were a few more things I wanted to hang on the walls, thinking I'd get to them "soon." Well, nearly two years later, I finally hung up the alphabet cards and little shelf. I also added some pom-poms that I made with the help of my sister and aunt (the white ones were from Helen's party and I added a pink one). I would still like to get an area rug for the middle of the room, maybe a braided oval one.

This room has always been my favorite in this house, and now I love it even more. Soon we'll buy a big girl bed and move the rocking chair out (sob!) and hopefully she won't need the changing pad much longer (p.s. I dread potty training), but the rest will stay the same, pretty much. The crib skirt that my friend Carolyn made is way too long for the crib mattress at its lowest setting, but it will be perfect on a bed so I decided not to hem it.

Inspired by my friend Hannah, I will now give you a tour of the updated nursery.



This is my youngest son Alfred's colourful nursery.
I decorated it with old wine boxes and vintage wallpaper.

nursery decorating ideas

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